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Visions of New Hope, LLC, a privately-owned Company was incorporated in 2009. We established our company with the heartfelt desire to offer outpatient therapy and community services that focus on early intervention and treatment to individuals who are struggling with the disease of addiction, behavioral and psychological symptoms.  

We are located in Atlanta, Georgia. 





Our well-trained staff is committed to providing an effective and efficient service in a collaborative effort with each client and to enhance the quality of life for our clients and their families.   

Our team of multi-disciplinary staff providing full-time community mental health services and consists of:

Medical Doctors


Registered Nurses

Licensed and License Associate Clinicians

Non-licensed Clinicians

Paraprofessionals and Certified Peer Specialists


Visions of New Hope has had a 3-year accreditation with CARF and is currently accredited 3-years with Joint Commission.  We, also, maintain excellent audit scores with the Behavioral Health Quality Reviews through the Georgia Collaborative ASO. Achieving accreditations and excellent Quality Management Scores demonstrates that we conform and practice the series of rigorous and internationally recognized standards and quality of services.  Visions of New Hope is a Tier 2 (Core) Provider with the Department of Behavioral Healthcare Developmental Disabilities Network Provider in Georgia. 

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Person-Centered Treatment

The Individual should and must be involved in their treatment. The treatment should be Individual and family led and focused.  The Individual  has a responsibility to participate in their own care.


Individual Supports

Individual supports should be meaningful and occur as much as possible in the natural setting.  Families also need supports.


Family Involvement

We encourage families to be extensively involved in the treatment process.  The family is whomever the Individual recognizes as their family unit.



Recovery is a process that is unique to each individual. Relapse is common during the beginnings stages of treatment and is not treatment failure.  Treatment must instill hope and build and each individual’s strengths.


Cultural Acceptance

Treatment modalities need to be culturally acceptable to the Individua.  Linguistic support services need to be included as part of services.



Spirituality is important and must be considered when determining treatment.



The Individua is not an island and neither is the program.  Collaboration with community is a determining factor in successful treatment.

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